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Likebaiting! That means: thousands of people give a like, a comment or share a picture of a baychild, that is described as “having cancer” or “needing an expensive OP”. But in all cases most of these likebaiters, who publish those pictures, don´t even know the true fate of the child, that is seen on the picture. They don´t even have any copyright to publish this pic for a likebait.

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In most cases the true parents of these children on the pictures are helpless: they just can observe, how foreign persons abuse the picture of their babychild for a likebait. Support by facebook? Negative. ”It doesn´t voilate the terms …”

Within one of our debunkings we got in contact to Natalie Kay, mother of Darcie Kay. Darcie Kay is on of those children, whose picture is shared all across facebook by likebaiters. In many cases you get to read:

This little baby has cancer
and he need money for surgery
Facebook has decided to help by giving
1 Like = 2 dollars . 1 Comment = 4 dollars . 1 Share = 8 dollars
Please dont scroll down without an Amen

Of course this is not true, but the people who like & comment below this picture don´t care. We asked Natalie Kay, mother of Darcie, how she feels about this likebaiting and illegal use of the picture. Translated german version HERE.

Hallo Natalie! First of all, thank you for the answers. We can imagine, that it is not easy for you and that you had hard times in the past. Your daughter suffered a terrible fate at a young age. Could you tell us about this?

Natalie Kay: I found a lump on her back when she was 3 weeks old she was diagnosed with infantile fibrosarcoma at great ormond street hospital in London at 7 weeks of age. Apart from the main tumour she also had 6 little nodules in her lungs.
She started chemotherapy but after the 2nd cycle they had to stop one of them as it made her very sick with veno occlusive disease of the liver. This is when that picture was taken. It’s the only photo that shows her looking so poorly as she was always so happy and smiling
She then carried on with chemo when she recovered from the VOD and had surgery in August 2012 to take away the remaining tumour. She was given 2 more courses of chemo after just to cover her incase and cells had broken away.
She was given the all clear in November 2012. It’s was a horrid 8 months but we got through it and she is now a beautiful little girl


There are a lot of pictures of this period from 2012. One of them is known by many Internet users: it shows your daughter at her sickbed. What could you tell us about this picture?

Natalie Kay: This was at around 4 months of age when the chemo poisoned her and made her extremely sick. We spent nearly a month in great ormond street.

How is your daughter doing now?

Natalie Kay: Darcie is now 4 she will be 5 in January she has recently started her 1st year at primary school. Although she lost part of her rib cage when the tumour was resected she copes very well.

This picture is constantly used for so-called “like baiting”. How do you feel, when you see these kind of posts on Facebook?

Natalie Kay: When I see it this morning I just filled up with tears, it’s made me feel sick to the stomach.
Am just so angry that people can violate children like this.

Does your daughter know, that people use her picture to distinguish themselves?

Natalie Kay: No as I wouldn’t want to frighten her into thinking she Is poorly again when she isn’t


Have you ever taken legal steps to stop the sharing of these pictures? Have you ever reported these pictures to Facebook? (If so, how was their reaction?)

Natalie Kay: I have reported this today but as of yet I’ve had no reply, friends have reported it too and had replies saying basically they won’t do nothing as they can’t see the problem ??

As a final statement: What would you like to tell the users who published or shared these pictures on Facebook?

Natalie Kay: From the heart of a mum who has been through this awful journey, please stop doing this unless you have true facts and permission.
It throws up many sad and unwanted feelings and it’s not nice

Again, thank you Natalie! ZDDK / Mimikama.at is giving est wishes to you and your family, health and luck for your future!



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